What to expect as a COH Patient

What to expect


Your journey of care with us, step-by-step

Finding a cancer hospital and care team that earns your trust and meets your expectations, needs and goals is one of the most important aspects of the cancer journey. At City of Hope, we understand how critical the decision-making process is, and the anxiety that often comes with it. That’s why we strive to make becoming a patient as easy and stress-free as possible—from your first call and first evaluation to your diagnosis, comprehensive treatment regimen and post-treatment plan. And beyond. We’re here for you, every step of the way.


One call to City of Hope is all it takes

Our expertise comes from our singular focus on treating cancer—every stage, every day. Our patient advocates are available 24/7 to listen, answer your questions and help you decide on a treatment plan that’s right for you. We’re here to listen, hear your concerns and answer your questions.

我们的病人倡导者在这里听到你24/7 concerns and answer your questions.


City of Hope is here, every step of the way

Your City of Hope care team recognizes that no two cancer patients, and no two cancers, are exactly the same. Your care plan, from treating the disease to managing related side effects, is designed to meet your needs and treatment goals with the personalization and sense of urgency your diagnosis deserves. You and your caregivers are involved every step of the way, empowered to make informed decisions about your care.

At City of Hope, you have a dedicated team of cancer experts assigned to your care, with some responsible for treating the cancer and others working to help the you manage related side effects, like pain, nausea or malnutrition. These services and treatments are delivered under one roof, so you don’t have to worry about traveling to multiple appointments. We also help with your travel arrangements and, depending on your needs and situation, provide telehealth services that connect you with our cancer experts from the convenience of your home.

Your first step can be right now

Jimmy Goodwin

Jimmy G.

Prostate Cancer

"My wife Janet looked at the website for information and chatted with John, an Oncology Information Specialist. The next day, I had a 20-minute phone conversation with John, who answered my questions about City of Hope and provided additional information. I gave him my insurance information so they could check to see if my carrier would help cover the cost of my treatment. I didn't have to do a bunch of research. I didn't have to dig through files and make phone calls to see what my deductible was or anything."


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Our oncologists use a wide variety of standard-of-care and innovative treatment tools and technologies, including precision medicine breakthroughs in immunotherapy and targeted therapy drugs, to treat your specific cancer type, collaborating daily to make tweaks to your plan as needed.

Expert treatment and personalized care

A second opinion may point to a different cancer type, and a review of your genetic profile through advanced genomic testing may uncover a more advanced treatment option not previously considered, or help to confirm your current diagnosis and treatment plan.

About a second opinion from City of Hope