How we treat cancer

Expert cancer care, personalized to you

City of Hope recognizes that no two cancer patients, and no two cancers, are exactly the same. Every patient’s care plan, fromtreating the diseasetomanaging related side effects, is designed to meet his or her needs and treatment goals. Patients and their caregivers are involved every step of the way, empowered to make informed decisions about their care.

Your care team will be assembled according to your needs. Some members of the care team, like themedicalorradiation oncologist, are dedicated totreating the cancer. Others, such as thedietitianor thepain management physician, will help you manage the side effects of cancer, to reduce the risk of treatment delays and improve quality of life.

Statistics on cancer patients health and side effects to watch the video on integrative cancer care

了解我们的强度grative approach to cancer care